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Aug. 15th, 2017 11:40 am
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Hey everybody, it's that time again: time to vote for which story gets the Patreon money this month! 

As always, anyone can vote, but patrons get double weight for their votes.  If you'd like to be a patron and get bonus content, please consider joining up on Patreon!  And if you want to see the blurbs for any of these stories, those are here!  If you don't have a DW and so can't do the poll, that's okay; just leave your vote in the comments below; anon comments are turned on.

Which story gets the money?  YOU CHOOSE, readers!

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Number One and the United Delland Coalition (I
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Style over Substance (Durable Medical Equipment)
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The Reality Warper (Battle the Universe)
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Death, Will, and the Girl
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I did the thing

Aug. 14th, 2017 10:01 pm
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Truly this is my proudest moment in all of Borderlands.

Seriously though I really want to know how that rakk nearly killed me there. XD I went there being like hey here's a nice cliff to stand on and everything here is super low level and won't do any damage to me I can film my bullshit in peace, and then this low-level rakk gets so pissed off they divebomb me and nearly one-shot me. XD Like I only survived that because of the health gate. I'm playing as tank-Salvador I've had like nothing do that much damage to me, I seriously don't know what that rakk did to me and that's why I was laughing, this is what I get for dual wielding The Bane I guess. And then I punched it and it exploded.

The second bit, the other curse of The Bane aside from the yelling is it slows your movement speed to like nothing. I am running as fast as I can at those guys.

I love this fucking game, it's like such a good game but you can do the most ridiculous bullshit in it if you want.

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Hey guys, recently I read a romance novel I thought folks here would enjoy!

On Thursday, I was feeling like absolute garbage, and as I headed out of the library, I found myself wanting some good ol' comfort reading: a gay romance, preferably not with a pure white cast.

And lo and behold, the library delivered: Wanted, A Gentleman, by KJ Charles.

A queer historical romance with a dashing black lead? That's also funny and well-paced? Sign me up! )

LB's at Boston Comic Con!

Aug. 10th, 2017 12:29 pm
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A cute image of LB smiling down at a map of Boston Comic Con's Artist Alley, showing that we will be at table AA507.

Yes, we’re going to be at Boston Comic Con, sharing a table with E.J. Barnes‚Äč, the writer for Bring Me the Head of Phineas Gage!  We'll be there all three days, all the hours.  Come check us out!

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Okay, so for everyone's geeky entertainment, here is the full-text transcription of my first exposure to the concept of multiplicity: Pg. 377-380 of The Book of Lists #2, by Wallace, Wallechinsky, Wallace, and Wallace, copyrighted February 1980.

Many of the cases listed in this book have since been recategorized as non-multi. And this is a pop culture book that gets a good few of its solid facts wrong (which I will add in notes when I know), but I still hope you guys will enjoy it.


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Aug. 9th, 2017 12:45 pm


Aug. 5th, 2017 04:25 am
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I was curious if anybody relates this post's namesake to the nature of having alters, systems, additional entities, extra identities, or any other nomenclature you may use personally.

Here's an article for those unfamiliar with the concept:

Tulpas are generally defined as intentionally created entities who possess free will. They are brought or "forced" into being by mental effort on a person's part, and crafted based on their specific, intentional design. They are said to possess independent thoughts, preferences, identities, voices, and the like. They exist within one's mental space and are generally created to be permanent cohorts or similar for the primary creator, and do not often seem to have the capacity (or permission) to front.

Any thoughts?


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