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Now that our wrist is doing better -- been over a month since the surgery to repair the cartilage that tore when it dislocated and got badly sprained -- we're getting back into doing The Fun Stuff.

Like writing. And Arting. And playing video games that aren't one-handed mobile games. (Not that there's anything wrong with those. I could talk for hours about how much I love Gumballs and Dungeons.)

This means we've gotten back into Elder Scrolls Online just in time for the Morrowind Expansion.

Our partner system is a huge Elder Scrolls lore buff, so the running commentary has been pretty fun.

Unfortunately, I'm getting relegated to the new warden class character I made because Aery has made it very clear that she has serious plans for the character she and I share. Plans that involve lots of running around in PVP, killing All The Things, and doing lots and lots of dying in epic, or epicly hilarious, ways.

We might even stream some of it for friends again. Especially for those friends who enjoy watching her gleefully jump off of cliffs every chance she gets, or dragging around crowds of mobs behind her while she chants in "I don't believe in aggro! I don't I don't I don't!" (In parody of the Peter Pan chant, "I do believe in fairies!")

It's one of the few things she really enjoys doing out here -- well, that and eating spicy food -- so it's hard to begrudge her that.

But dammit I wanna play that character too. It's got all the good equipment and upgrades and such. I swear I won't mess up your build ... much ... Or use up ALL the potions and buffs and other resources. >.>
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Because there's this weird anxiety thing about having an online journal anywhere without some sort of "Hi, nice to meet y'all, I'm Me" sort of thing. And stress about making that and getting it Just Right.

So. Hi. Whatever. We're the Crew.

We-Crew consist of me, Shea/Willow. We-Shea are a median system of four facets that have been around since early childhood: Mama Bear, Baby Bear (who is not a baby, nor a bear,) Librarian, and Monk. All female, except Monk who's agender.

We're in our 30s, divorced, chronically ill, are interested in practically everything especially if it's nerdy and/or geeky, and have a serious problem with starting up projects and never finishing them.

At 15, we were joined by Jas/Jasmine, an OC soulbond/tulpa/God-only-knows, who is about our same age.

A few years later, she made Varyn, an ageless, youthful bird/winged humanoid nonbinary creature. He's sweet on the surface, really fierce and determined underneath.

A few years back, we were joined by the other two members of the Crew: Doc, an OC version of The Doctor from Doctor Who, and his snarky AI hardlight hologram who goes by the name Aeraya Light. A Ray O' Light. She thinks she's pretty clever.

Oh, and she defaults to the shape of a cat or catgirl. Doc had wanted a dog. She didn't get the nickname Aery Contrary for nothing.

We're weird, and we like it that way.


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